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A first achievement by the MML was the first reconstitution of active ATP synthases into Giant Unilamellar Vesicles [7]. Upon rotation, ATP synthases promote large non-equilibrium fluctuations at discrete hot spots compatible with an accumulation of proteins at highly curved membrane sites. A direct demonstration of a curvature‚ąíprotein coupling was recently observed by the active sorting of ATP synthases in curvature gradients using micromanipulation and tube pulling experiments [8]. The curvature-seeking behavior of rotating ATP synthases might be sustained by a weak membrane-mediated attractive interaction produced by a hydrophobic mismatch upon protein rotation. The formation of transient protein dimers produces a conic-like arrangement of proteins leading to the dynamic coupling between protein shape and membrane curvature. The MML is currently exploring the dynamic behavior of rotating ATP synthases when embedded in phase-separated membranes and in membrane viscosity gradients.